About Mont Sauvatage

Building a house has been a dream and plan for about 15 years, and knowing the high cost of property in Sydney (add on your years of compound interest and you’ll get the picture) I decided to beat the mortgage and build it myself out of found, salvaged and recycled materials.

I collected the materials from 2002 onwards, and in 2006 I started work on the block I had purchased in the Blue Mountains. Since then I’ve worked about 440 days, with most of the rest of the time, including a big break from 2012-2014, spent working elsewhere as a projection mapping specialist and sculptor for illuminart.

The Mont Sauvatage blog is an updated version of my previous blog “Craig’s Building Site” which I built myself using dreamweaver. Slowly I am moving over all of the old data including the tips and tricks to finding, and working with recycled materials.

Craig Laurendet
Owner Builder / Project Manager