where the he(ART) is

Mont Sauvatage is more than just a house and home… it’s a thoughtful space that has evolved from the huge creative investment of time over a (so far… ) 15 year period.

It began with the collection, salvage and storage of materials, and design of a house that would integrate all the materials (to Australian standards). Construction began with slab pour in 2007.

The majority of the build has taken place in 400 days between 2008-2010, and the house continues to evolve with careful placement of collected and salvaged materials relevant to each space.

Mont Sauvatage is part home, part sculpture, part treasure box and definitely a quirky labour of love – at times hampered by life’s trials, and ‘house-wrighters block’. Fortunately all effort is rewarded and the finished product will show off the investment of labour and creativity that has gone into it.